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Cardiotrack Solution Explained

The user connects any Android display to Cardiotrack Health Sensor via Bluetooth.

Cardiotrack Micro-EMR App displays patient health parameters captured by health sensors and this information may be seen in real-time by a specialist.

Patient records are saved on the cloud server. Big data analytics is performed to provide health demographics in any region.

Cardiotrack brings portability to healthcare diagnostics. Cardiotrack health sensors provide clinical grade reading for 12-lead ECG, SpO2 and blood pressure. Robust design makes Cardiotrack an ideal solution for home healthcare, tele-health, doctor’s clinic, nursing home or primary healthcare.

Just about anyone can be trained in less than 20 minutes to use Cardiotrack solution.

Cardiotrack is a robust solution and can be used in just about any condition - high temperature, dust etc.

Alerts are generated automatically to provide guidance the physician about the health condition of the patient.

MediTrk Tablet Support

Cardiotrack Family


Starting at just $750!

Cardiotrack Carbon is a clinical grade handheld ECG monitor. Cardiotrack Carbon displays the ECG signal on an Android tablet and uses a private cloud for secure storage of patient records..

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Starting at just $820!

Cardiotrack Oxygen is a hand held, diagnostic grade, cloud enabled 12 lead ECG device with auto interpretation. A pulse oxymeter has been integrated making it the complete solution for clinical use..

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Starting at just $70!

Cardiotrack Mercury is a portable, diagnostic grade, wireless and cloud enabled blood pressure monitor for use in homes and in clinics. .

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Starting at just $!


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  • Moscow, Russia

    Russian language support is a critical feature in Cardiotrack and technology is great!

    Olzhas Zhiyenkulov

    Silver Assets

  • Astana, Kazakhstan

    Cardiotrack is a great product. Provides seamless access to heart health diagnostics in a very user friendly without compromising on technology.

    Anvar Khaltaev

  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    For developing countries like Vietnam where the healthcare infrastructure is still weak Cardiotrack is just perfect. We are looking forward to a great relationship with uber Diagnostics as he sole distributors of Cardiotrack.

    Anna Quynh

    Business Development Manager

  • Jakarta, Indonesia

    Extremely user friendly, accurate and definitely better than ordinary ECG devices on all critical parameters

    Paulus Tjahjono

    Managing Director, Multi Integra Medica

  • Yangon, Myanmar

    Myanmar has great need for innovative products like Cardiotrack. As the country begins its journey to integrating with the rest of the world we look to devices such as this one to bring sweeping changes to the healthcare diagnostics landscape. We are proud to be associated with Cardiotrack.

    Nang Sihar Noan

  • Chennai, India

    The doctors and medical staff at our facility in Chennai are very happy with Cardiotrack's performance and we have recommended the device unanimously.

    Dr. Rajesh Nandipati


  • Noida, India

    We are extremely satisfied with the quality of the ECG graph and the device is very user friendly which is a great bonus.

    Usha Prabhakar

    Sr Director-Quality & Nursing Services, Health Care at Home

  • Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

    I have worked in telemedicine and remote medicine in Alaska and all over the world for the past eleven years. In doing so I have come across several different products that I have used but nothing as exciting or as impressive as this. This is a device that does what a device that is 10 times the costs does in a more user friendly way. The evolution of this product is unimaginable. Within a few years this product could surpass the need for large EMS monitoring equipment and the information can be shared instantly with anyone in the world.

    Timothy Baker

  • Mexico City, Mexico

    I'm so excited by the tremendous possibilities that Cardiotrack offers. It's portable and I can easily share the results via my Android phone in any of these formats - Whatsapp or PDF document with a doctor sitting at another location. This is truly incredible.

    Eduardo Serna

  • Isle of Man, UK

    This is exactly the kind of device I was looking for. Support is great.

    Dr. John Odgen